- About Calendar Listing Fee

Our goal at, is to provide a platform on which any event, in any community across Canada and the United States, can be advertised simply and affordably.

No competing Ads does not have sponsors, nor do we sell banner, pop-up, or side bar ads so you can rest assured your events will not be overshadowed by flashy, competing ads.

Listing Fee

  • The listing fee is charged just for the calendar dates you want your listing to appear under and not for the date you post it to
  • If your event occupies one day on our Calendar, it will always cost $2 (CAD) to list, no matter how far in advance you post the event.
  • Each additional day on the Calendar your event occupies is also just $2 (CAD) per day, so an event that occupies two days on our Calendar will always cost $4.00 (CAD) ($2.00 x 2 days) and so on.
  • If your event is several days long, but you only want to list it for the first day, it's still only $2.
  • For those wanting to list multiple dates totaling over 120 days, we offer a Discounted Fee, which is automatically calculated for you, under our "recurring date" feature located on the Add Event/Activity form.

Calendar Listing Fee $2.00 (CAD) plus applicable tax, per listing, per calendar day
Discounted Listing Fee $240.00 (CAD) plus applicable tax, per listing, when listing for 120 to 365 calendar days, either consecutive days or days at repeating intervals, within a 365 day period, calculating from the start calendar listing date (a savings of up to $490 (CAD))

FREE Introductory Offer

  • List your 2014 and 2015 events on our Calendar for FREE
  • Free listings posted to our Calendar not to exceed 30 days
  • Events listed after the free offer are just $2.00 (CAD)
  • Free offer ends midnight, December 31st, 2015

Payment Method

  • Prior to completing payment, you will be able to review your listing details, check the total fee payable and make any changes.
  • Payment is due and made payable at the time of posting, but is only for the dates your event occupies on the Calendar.
  • Payments are done via PayPal, either by credit card or on your PayPal account. PayPal is a secure payment method. None of your payment information is stored on the server. Payment is in Canadian dollars, plus applicable tax.
  • Your event listing cannot be modified after payment. If you decide not to proceed with payment, the unfinished listing is posted to the Your Listings account page and labeled as inactive. This is purely for your reference, as the listing cannot be reactivated.
  • Your listing details are automatically inserted to the Calendar after payment is completed and confirmed. This can be immediate or take up to 24hrs.
  • does not offer any refunds, nor is it responsible for any errors or omissions on your Calendar listing, so please ensure a thorough review of your listing before payment to ensure there are no spelling errors, that dates and start/end times are accurate, and all details and links are entered correctly.
  • Your listing fee helps to maintain this user-friendly website.

What You Get

  • All Calendar listings are uniform. There are no premium options. You get the same information capabilities as all of the other listings; a full line with the important information on the Calendar page, displayed under the date (or dates) you selected AND under the event city location PLUS under the nearest city or town you entered.
  • If a visitor to the Calendar page only searches by Country or by Province or State, your listing would also come up under the dates you selected.
  • You will also receive one full landing page for your listing that the visitor sees when clicking on your listing. The landing page contains all of the information you entered on the Add Event/Activity page.
  • Details you enter on the Add Event/Activity form include mandatory and non-mandatory fields, such as dates, times, categories, subcategories and miscellaneous instruction (such as parking, costs, where to purchase tickets, age group, location and whether or not volunteers are needed).
  • You also have the ability to easily add photos to your listing, as well as links to your website, videos, Facebook page.
  • To save you time, our Add Event/Activity form also provides the option to "Create Recurring Even", whether daily, weekly or monthly. For more info, see FAQ, No. 18 & 19.
  • Not only is affordable, but you and the visitors to the Calendar and your landing page will also be able to take advantage of the social media tools available to create a buzz. Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and Twitter share buttons are all at your disposal to draw more eyes to your calendar listing.