- About our Calendar

Finding events in your community is easy! Simply click "Calendar" and enter the community name in the City Search Field and check out what’s going on!

The Calendar page:

  • At a glance: All the need-to-know information is right there, in the Calendar view.
  • Need more details? No problem! Just click the event you want to view.
  • Whether planning ahead or looking last minute for something to do, our simple organization by date and time will help you find what you're looking for.
  • Narrow your search to specific interests, by community, and/or by date, or a date range.
  • You'll find events, festivals, things to do, places to see, shop, stay or eat and more in communities of any size across Canada and United States.
  • Under the four Category search headings: Events/Festivals, Sport/Recreation, Educational, and Community, are the options to search "All" or a variety of. Narrow your search further to a particular interest, by clicking on a Sub-Category.
  • A neighboring city may have an event listing under your own, as event organizers have the option to also list their event details under the closest neighboring city or town.
  • Volunteering is such an important component to the success of many events; therefore, we have included a heading to display opportunities for volunteering.
  • Can be viewed on mobile phones, tablets, and home/work computers and there are no banner, pop-up or side bar ads.

Coming Events Calendar gives your community the opportunity for broad, affordable, web advertising that grows with each listing and is quick and easy to use.

If the Coming Events Calendar is not yet listing things to do or see in your city or town, spread the word with the Share tabs provided at the bottom of the Calendar page or visit Share us for another option.

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